For Our Community

Our active involvement in important community-based causes, projects and programs helps define Western Alliance Bank. We are committed to investing in our communities’ economic health and well-being. We believe that supporting healthy, vibrant communities is a shared responsibility.

Across our markets, we contribute to communities through grants, donations and impactful employee volunteer efforts. Our employees actively support this philosophy by volunteering their time and expertise to numerous charitable and civic organizations, serving on nonprofit boards and contributing thousands of volunteer hours annually.

We provide financial support to help our communities and provide opportunities for low-to moderate-income individuals and families. Our initiatives span from Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) lending options and down payment assistance to community development financial institutions (CDFIs), SBA lending, financial literacy education and support for Title 1 schools.

Western Alliance Bank directs our philanthropic efforts to these focus are as:

  • Affordable Housing and Community Development
  • Small Business Support and Job Creation
  • Education and Financial Literacy Support
  • Support for Military Veterans

For the latest information on Western Alliance Bank’s community initiatives, read our Corporate Responsibility Report.

For Our Environment

Recognizing the importance of minimizing our environmental impact, Western Alliance Bank incorporates sound efficiency and sustainability practices into our operations. We seek opportunities for recycling, reuse and efficiency where feasible. We use high-efficiency electric and HVAC equipment, and encourage public transit usage to reduce emissions.

Although we do not directly control energy sourcing, we invest in renewable energy projects through tax credit equity investments, mitigating risk and increasing value for investors. We are also committed to investing in systems and technologies to ensure compliance with environmental standards, and meet or exceed emissions and energy usage targets through our Environmental Management System (EMS).

For the latest information on Western Alliance Bank’s environmental initiatives, read our Corporate Responsibility Report.